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Start Your Next Adventure with Captain Joe's Cruises

Take a family friendly cruise of the lower Saco River

Captain Joe will take you on a private two hour cruise of the Saco River.  Passengers can look for seals, bald eagles, and leaping fish, or simply enjoy the serenity of the river as we cruise the river up to the Saco Dam, back down to Camp Ellis, and out into Saco Bay.

Our boat, the Ruby Belle, is designed so children can safely peer over the side into the water and she has an easy “step-down” into the boat from dockside. The river speeds are limited by law so cruisers can expect a quiet, stable, and safe experience.

Coast Guard Licensed

Fully Insured

Registered Maine Guide:

Specialized Tidewater Fishing

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Who is Captain Joe?

Captain Joe grew up near the water and always hoped to work on the ocean.  But life would take Captain Joe off to the world of computers and a successful career in data security.  He still stayed on and around the water, accumulating enough time on the ocean to qualify for his captain's license - a life long goal.

The first day the Ruby Belle was launched on the Saco River a small thought was formed: lots of people would love to be out on the river, just for a cruise.  Time after time he'd bring family and friends who admired the boat, the scenery, and the easy ride.  Some wanted to do a little fishing, some wanted to see Saco from a different point of view, but everyone was just happy to be out on the water. 

Captain Joe thinks you'll agree.

For more information about Captain Joe's other day job, visit Monarch Information Security Consulting


About the Ruby Belle

Ranger Tugs are manufactured in Kent, Washington, and were designed for cruising the Pacific Northwest. Only recently have the Tugs come to Maine, and their unique look draws attention wherever they go.

Often referred to as Pocket Trawlers or Pocket Cruisers, every Ranger Tug is designed to be trailerable.  Owners have been known to take their Tugs from lake to ocean and back, and you might even see one in a campground.

Ruby Belle is a 21' Ranger Tug with an inboard 30hp diesel engine.  She won't go anywhere fast with a cruising speed of 3-5 knots, but she sips fuel making her one of the most environmentally friendly boats on the water.  Her hull sits low in the water for a very stable and quiet ride.

Why the name Ruby Belle?  Be sure to ask Captain Joe.

That's an armful!
My first fish.
Sometimes coffee is all you need


Two Hour Cruise


Starting at Marston’s Marina, we will cruise up-river to the dam in downtown Saco, then back down to the mouth of the Saco River in Camp Ellis. Weather and time permitting, we can venture down the length of the jetty and out into Saco Bay.

Cruisers will need to keep an eye out for snowy egrets, bald eagles, blue heron, and leaping sturgeon fish in the river. There is no shortage of things to see!

Capacity: 4 adults can fit comfortably, or 5-6 if small children are part of your group. 

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Sunset and Dinner Cruise

$300 + Food Order

This 2-3 hour ride is not to be missed.  Upon arrival, passengers will place their order from Huot's Seafood in Camp Ellis. We will cruise up the river to Camp Ellis and pick-up our take-out order, and then proceed either out to the ocean or back upriver, depending on conditions.  Captain Joe will provide soft drinks and water, otherwise it is BYOB.

Capacity: 4` Adults.  5-6 passengers if small children are part of your group.


Coffee Cruise

$300  2-3 Hours + Coffee!

There's is something about freshly brewed coffee and an early morning on the water that just can't be beat.

We will start at the Marina and cruise downriver while Captain Joe brews up some fresh, locally roasted Crossroads Coffee Beans. Enjoy the serenity of the river and watch captains readying their boats at Camp Ellis as we cruise out into Saco Bay.


Catch unique views of the stone breakwater, Old Orchard Beach, and Wood Island Lighthouse as we loop around the bay. This extended ride will cruise back upriver to check on the bald eagles and see if the seals are playing.

Early morning, coffee, and a boat ride?  We hope you love it as much as Captain Joe does!

Capacity: 4 Adults.  5-6 passengers if small children are part of your group.


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Glenhaven Cir, Saco, ME 04072, USA