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  • How are you addressing COVID-19?
    Since our cruises are for your group only, we are a self-quarantine on the move! Regardless, we sanitize common touch points after each cruise. and Captain Joe wears a mask when assisting with boarding and off-boarding. All drinks and snacks are "single-use" and disposed off after use. We have removed the table for most cruises to eliminate an extra touch point. We ask if you have a temperature or are not feeling well to stay home and we will provide a full refund.
  • I don't see a time that works for us. Are other openings available?
    Absolutely! "Regular" time slots are the most common openings, but Captain Joe often has other times available. Send him an email, text, or call!
  • What should we bring?
    Sunscreen, bug spray, and your camera! Maine weather is notoriuosly finicky, so dress for the weather +/- 15 degrees. Grab an extra sweater or sweatshirt if its really warm as it may be a lot cooler out on the water! If you have children under 10, please bring an appropriate life jacket for them to wear.
  • Who needs a life jacket?
    Everyone! But not everyone needs to wear one all the time. Captain Joe's Cruises has life jackets on board for all adults. Children under 10 MUST wear a life jacket at all times. Captain Joe maintains a small inventory of children's life jackets but it is the parent's/guardian's responsiblity to provide a properly fitted life jacket for your children. Click here for more information from the Coast Guard on life jackets.
  • What if we need to cancel?
    Bookings may be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled time for a full refund. After 24 hours, deposit refund is at the discretion of Captain Joe's Cruises. Discretion is based upon: 1) If the slot can be rebooked with another party. 2) If the customer is just rescheduling to another time. Captain Joe has three kids. Things come up. Its vacation. Don't stress. Let's see if we can find another day that works for you. 3) If the weather stinks. No one wants to be on a boat on a cold and rainy day. Let's hope we can find another time that works.
  • Where do we meet you?
    Unless we have made other arrangements, we will depart from Marston's Marina located at 41 Glenhaven Circle, Saco. Parking for Guests is restricted to the uppper lot (a sign will direct you). Please mind your speed on the the road as there are a LOT of kids around! If we are meeting on the weekend and the upper lot is full, please park on the road in front of 28 Glenhaven Circle. Captain Joe will meet you at the top of the dock and escort you to the Ruby Belle.
  • Is there a bathroom (head) on the boat?
    Yes. There is a head in the cabin, but it is not very private. The cabin is also where Captain Joe steers the boat! If its an urgent need, we can anchor or dock the Ruby Belle and allow private access to the cabin and the head, and then resume our journey. It is recommended that all cruisers use the bathroom before we get underway. We also pass by the marina again on our journey and can easily stop to use the bathroom as needed.
  • Can we bring our own food and beverages?
    Of course! A picnic lunch/dinner is always fun on the water. Whether its an award winning Philly Cheese steak from Saco Bay Variety or fried clams from Huot's Seafood Restaurant, it will taste better on the boat! Captain Joe also provides bottled waters and some snacks. One note: Please limit alcoholic consumption. Consuming too much alcohol will create an unsafe environment for everyone, and will prematurely end your cruise.
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