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It's a bird! It's a plane!'s a really big bird!

Captain Joe's Cruises tends to see a lot of birds during our trips on the Saco River. The exception is unusually hot days when the birds are hiding out trying to stay cool like us.

A few weeks back, news broke that a rare black hawk had made its way to Maine. This bird is more often seen in Central America and has only been photographed twice in the US... before now.

This weekend, we had another large bird of prey cruising the river, and we need your help to identify it. I've posted a couple of pictures as well as a video. Unfortunately cell phone cameras are pretty much the worst thing to photograph birds with, but the video gives you a pretty good sense of scale as a red tailed hawk dives (and cries!) through the frame.

Is this the black hawk, still cruising our river? A juvenile bald eagle that hasn't gotten its coloring? Something completely different?

If nothing else, it's quite the sight!

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