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It's hot out there!

We're into the dog days of summer at Captain Joe's Cruises, and typical for this time of year in Maine the temperature is rising. We always remind our passengers that they can expect much cooler temperatures out on the water and to dress accordingly. This week that may mean wearing a swimsuit instead of carrying an extra fleece!

There are a few spots on our cruise to drop anchor or grab a public mooring, and jump in the river for a heat beating swim. The Ruby Belle has a swim-step and ladder off the stern of the boat to help get in and out of the water. It's a great way to cool off. There's just something beautiful and different about going for a swim off a boat.

We normally spend two hours cruising up and down the river, but there's no reason we can't spend that time "on the hook" instead! When you book with Captain Joe's Cruises, you have the boat to yourself, and we can spend the time however you would like.

The Ruby Belle: our treasure at the end of the rainbow:

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