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Fall Colors & Swimming Squirrels

The summer is winding down and we're getting a little busier to end our inaugural year at Captain Joe's Cruises.

This is a quieter time of year in Maine, and soon the leaf peepers will start to arrive. The color on the tops of the trees has started to change and younger trees are already showing some vibrant reds and oranges. It looks like it will be quite the year!

By now you may have heard about the bumper crop of squirrels in our neck of the woods. A large amount of acorns last fall led to more squirrels showing up this spring. Farmers are seeing apples plucked out the trees, and drivers have seen more than their fair share of road kill out there! On the Saco River we're seeing something even more odd: swimming squirrels! Who knew?

Our first encounter with a furry lap swimmer occurred upriver near Laurel Hill Cemetery. This guy was intent on getting to the other side. A week later we saw another, or the same, squirrel going across again in the same spot. He was starting on the Saco side and making his way to Biddeford both times!

Finally. we saw another intrepid acorn hunter downriver in the Narrows! This one seemed a little more nervous of the boat traffic, but still needed to get from Saco to Biddeford? Maybe he was late for class at UNE.

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