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End of the Season

Back in May, I was talking to some local business owners about the upcoming season, and particularly about Canadian border still being closed. They were all very worried about the lack of Canadian visitors and what that would mean for our summer. My response?

"Do you realize the entire eastern seaboard is on their way to Maine....right now!?"

And it was mostly true - but you came from everywhere! My phone started ringing in March about cruises and it didn't let up until mid-September. It's been an extremely busy summer for all of us charter captains, but it has come to an end. How busy? Well, this is only my 4th blog post of the year, and I usually like to churn one out every couple of weeks. So much for that plan.

We started off with a hot and steamy June (for Maine, anyway) and then July became the rainy month. I've only had to cancel one trip in four years for rain before July, but I had to cancel 4 in July alone.

Then we rolled into an August like no other. I was out almost every day. At one point one of my guys in my real job commented "I dunno, Joe, we're starting to feel like the side-hustle." I was definitely getting pulled a little thin.

The first half of September was just as busy, and I wrapped up the year last night with a fun bachelorette cruise for some young ladies from Massachusetts and Florida; the latter was more than a little chilled by the cool October air. But the sea was calm, and we made it out to Wood Island for one last visit. The bald eagles made a show, a seal popped up its head, and we even saw a pair of loons who had already vacated their summer lake home for the winter. A definite sign of changing seasons.

And here we are in October, and I've watched six more empty boat trailers roll by my house this morning only to come back up from the marina 30 minute later with a boat going home for the winter. The marina will close in two short weeks.

The Ruby Belle will be out soon too. A power wash, change of filters and oil, and she will be winterized and covered in her canvas cover until springtime.

Stay safe everyone, and we'll see you in June.

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