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End of the Season Blues

Back in May and June I was wondering if I would be able to open, or if I should even try. The ebbs and flows of the pandemic were hard to predict, and I also had to consider the safety of my family. In the end I decided that the ride was a quarantine safe experience, with people coming in their own private groups, and me safely up front in the cabin. Add a spray bottle of disinfectant (or two), a supply of masks, hand sanitizer, and I was ready to go.

And boy was everyone really, really ready to go.

It turned out Captain Joe's Cruises was the perfect antidote for the pandemic blues. A record number of "first time Maine visitors" were primed to get outside for a two hour ride where they could let the stress of the last 4-6 months slip away for awhile. I had a couple of anniversaries to celebrate, a half-dozen birthdays, and a (fairly) well-behaved bachelorette party.

Adding to the summer success, I became a Registered Maine Guide, had a record number of Dinner Cruises, launched the early morning Coffee Cruise, and even started sponsoring an ice cream flavor at The Saco Scoop. Next time you're in town, be sure to try out Captain Joe's Cookie Dough!

A very special Thank You to the two parties who cancelled during the season because a member of your group wasn't feeling well. I am sorry you were ill, but I really appreciate your consideration for me, my family, and other cruisers. I hope you are now recovered, healthy again, and are able to make it back to Maine another time.

The docks at the marina come out next week, and the Ruby Belle will too. We are at the end of the season. A sad time for boat owners for sure, but I can't be too melancholy about it. I have a TON of positive experiences to remember, great pictures from everyone, and I'm very happy I decided to operate Captain Joe's Cruises in 2020 after all.

Oh, and don't forget the sunsets. What a year for sunsets.

I look forward to seeing you in 2021. Be safe everyone.

Captain Joe

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