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Summer in Maine

Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of summer here in Maine and June is when things start to (finally) warm up. Its a lovely, quiet time to come visit. The weather can be hit or miss, but generally people haven't put their air conditioners in the windows yet (a strange site for those from the south) and we are shuffling about putting out deck furniture, cleaning the pool, and of course, putting the boat in the water!

This year it was time to give the Ruby Belle a real shine and I got the professionals up at Xtreme Mobile Detailing in Old Orchard Beach involved. They were able to get through the oxidation that beats up that Claret Red color so much, and she looks good as new again. Hopefully I'll do a better job keeping it up this time!

The marina is slowly filling up and the river is getting busier. The stripers showed up early this year and big fish (28"+) were being caught right away. I've had a busy June so far, as June's go, and the weather has been, well, June like.

This summer is already much different than 2021 when everyone was ready to burst out after a year of quarantine. This year people are still moving, but there's a much more relaxed pace to it. I'm getting fewer advanced booking and more day of/day before calls and online bookings. I sense it will still be another busy summer, if not quite as frantic for people.

One positive sign: I was happy to take my first Canadian visitors for a cruise in two years. Things are definitely changing, and we're happy to see them return!


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