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Summer is here!

Summer is here!

It is a strange summer, to be sure, but it is summer, nonetheless. We are off and running and interest has never been higher. This is no surprise as we are the perfect extension of your quarantine! No sharing the boat with others, and we are wiping down all “high touch” spots after each ride.

We are keeping our dinner/sunset cruise with takeout from Huot’s Seafood and have added a new cruise for you early risers: The Coffee Cruise!

Captain Joe will brew some fresh, locally roasted Crossroads Coffee Beans on board as you take in the early morning serenity of the river. We will take advantage of calm waters to cruise out into the bay and scenic Wood Island lighthouse. This extended ride will cruise back upriver to check on the bald eagles and see if the seals are playing.

Early morning, coffee, and a boat ride? We hope you love it as much as Captain Joe does!

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