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Avian Excitement!

This week seems to be "for the birds" at Captain Joe's Cruises. We've been treated to a variety of fowl friends on our cruises up and down the river.

Yesterday our scenic cruise was buzzed by a bald eagle hunting for fish on the river just as after we left the dock. Then we saw a big snowy egret perched in a tree! We normally see these hunters slowly working the riverbank (I always think of Elmer Fudd: "Be very very quiet....) but this one wanted a bird's eye view, courtesy of a dead pine.

Not to be outdone in the cuteness category, we've scene a large number of momma ducks and ducklings scurrying across the river. This family was hiding out in an unoccupied slip at the marina until we came along and spooked them.

We were buzzed again on our way back to the marina by another bald eagle, and a blue heron was also spotted on the riverbank.

There have been a number of other birds of prey that haven't been identified, including hawks and what we believe to be a juvenile bald eagle. Can you help us identify them? Come join us on Captain Joe's Cruises!

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